Supreme Garage provides a comprehensive suite of services for Japanese, Continental and Supercars. In order to ensure the consistency of quality workmanship, every service job is tabulated with a specific checklist for each step carried out and counter verified by a supervising engineer.

We have invested to a great degree in our manpower, facilities and equipment upgrade to strategically position ourselves in the industry and market which plays a pivotal role to engage and empower our customers experience with us.

Our services may be categorized into several categories to meet your specific requirements.

◆ Regular servicing – Ensure fast and quality work.

◇ Regular oil and other fluid changes

◇ Annual inspection

◇ Essential inspection of common wear and tear parts


.Brake Pads

.Spark Plugs

.Air Conditioner




◆ Engine diagnostics – proper advice and professional execution

◇ Using the right tools for the right job; Supreme Garage has invested heavily on manufacturer spec-ed diagnostic equipment which provides accurate

.On-Site Diagnostics

.Engine and transmission conditions

.ECU Programming and

.Other electronics coding

◆ Spare Parts – Choices

◇ Original Parts vs OEM Parts

.Due to the unique restrictions of car ownership and lifespan of cars on Singapore Roads, we will advice you on which to choose based on car model and make and individual preference.

.For example, if the car is less than 5 years old, our advice will be to go for costlier Original parts which will last longer and parts will be under warranty over a longer period.

.On the other hand, if the car is almost 10 years old, we may advise on simply using OEM parts just to get the vehicle going until its used-by date is up. These parts will still be under warranty but shorter than original parts.

Please note that the model and make of the car will determine the choice made as well.

◆ Engine repair and re-conditioning

◇ Depending on the nature of the repair and age of the car.

.Time factor and price of repair is critical to decide on which choices to make and considered.

.If functional component is critical, our advice is to wait for original manufacturers’ parts to arrive before any work commences to as to reduce the turn over time.

.If time not a consideration, our engineers and mechanics will provide the utmost tender care to ensure that your car will be restored to its pristine condition and deliver to you.

◆ Air Conditioning Services

◇ Our team of air-conditioning mechanics pride themselves as the best in the business. Having been in the industry for 30 years collectively, they are able to diagnose if the issue is a simple as just topping up gas or to have the entire system replaced.

◇ From experience, after several years of operations, especially under Singapore’s humid climate, flushing of these air con pipes and hoses is a necessity over the lifespan of the car. This is also a healthier choice for the driver and passengers, as over the years, mold, fungi and bacteria will accumulate in the soft sponges of the air ducts.

◆ Other Services

.Engine overhaul

.Engine upgrades

.Custom body and parts re-spray

.Other car parts replacement and

.Other modification deemed legal as governed by LTA, Singapore.



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